Organized by the community-led UASG and ICANN, UA Day consists of UA awareness and technical training sessions hosted by the UASG,ICANN, and interested global partners and organizations. Through a mix of virtual, in-person and hybrid sessions, UA Day aims to engage and mobilize top technical and language communities, companies, governments and DNS industry stakeholders to better understand the benefits of UA and how they can make their systems UA-ready. For more information, visit https://uasg.tech/ua-day/

A cornerstone of today’s global Internet, UA offers many benefits for both individual Internet users as well as the organizations that serve them. There are currently approximately five billion Internet users, and at least one billion more are expected to come online. Most of these potential new users live in countries that speak and write in languages other than English. Achieving UA ensures everybody has the ability to experience the full social and economic power of the Internet using their chosen domain name and email address that best aligns with their interests, business, culture, language, and script.

UA Day is celebrated annually on or around March 28th.

The Universal Acceptance Steering Group (UASG) is a community-led organization that works to promote UA globally through education, outreach, and collaboration with stakeholders in the digital ecosystem.

Internationalized Domain Names (IDNs) enable people around the world to use domain names in local languages and scripts such as Arabic, Chinese, Cyrillic or Devanagari. IDNs not only allow for a more multilingual Internet but allow organizations, governments, and businesses the ability to reach more citizens and consumers in their preferred language or script.

An email address is an electronic address that allows users to send and receive messages over the Internet. They typically consist of a username, followed by the @ symbol, and then the domain name.

Universal Acceptance benefits businesses by allowing them to reach a wider audience and increase their global reach. As more Internet users come online from around the world, there will be increased demand for businesses that can support domain names and email addresses in a language and script of their choice. Businesses that support customers in this way will have a first-mover advantage and the potential to capture new revenue streams.

Individuals can support Universal Acceptance by encouraging their organizations to adopt Universal Acceptance policies, and raising awareness about the importance of inclusivity and diversity on the Internet.

Organizations can implement Universal Acceptance by ensuring that their applications and digital services accept and recognize all valid domain names and email addresses, including those in non-Latin scripts and new generic top-level domains (gTLDs). They can also participate in the UASG and ICANN’s training and support programs.

The UASG comprises representatives from various organizations, including domain registries, registrars, technology companies, and civil society groups. Some members include ICANN, Google, Microsoft, Verisign, and the Internet Society.

The UASG conducts research and outreach activities to raise awareness of Universal Acceptance and promote its adoption. They also develop technical solutions and provide training and support to help organizations implement Universal Acceptance in their applications and digital services.

Celebrating Universal Acceptance Day is important because it promotes digital inclusion and access for all, regardless of background or location. By encouraging the use of all TLDs and scripts, we can ensure that everyone has equal access to online services and resources and that no one is excluded due to technical barriers.


Universal Acceptance Day is celebrated by various organizations, including domain name registries, technology companies, and non-profit organizations working to promote digital inclusion. Individuals can also get involved by spreading awareness and encouraging the use of all TLDs and scripts.


Universal Acceptance has several benefits, including:


Individuals and organizations can support Universal Acceptance by:

  • Ensuring that their websites and email systems are compatible with all TLDs and scripts
  • Encouraging the use of all TLDs and scripts in their communications and marketing materials
  • Advocating for Universal Acceptance within their networks and communities
  • Participating in events and campaigns that promote digital inclusion and access for all.
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